Now in the last blog post we discussed what the concept of divabelle is all about. Now to take things a step further you need to know that you signing up for divabelle gives you a chance to not just be the winner of the competition but it also gives you a shot at being our brand ambassador. Yes! Divabelle brand ambassador.
The winner will be our brand ambassador which means aside from the cash prize and other goodies she will get. She will be flaunted as the official brand ambassador divabelle for the year in which she emerged winner.
She will have a photoshoot with one of our partner photography outfits, which the pictures will be published on the divabelle website. She will also represent us at social events such as: award ceremonies, concerts, and promotional events for the divabelle brand such as; radio and TV interviews, print interviews and press conferences with her divabelle sash and tiara.
You think you have got what it takes to walk the red carpets, representing the divabelle brand? then all you need to do is sign up and you could be our brand ambassador.


So here am going to break it down, like you have seen on our website Divabelle is aimed at girls who bring an added touch of creativity to the pictures they upload on social media. Now I know you know that on social media especially on Instagram there are those girls that you can’t help but want to glance through their pictures, you can’t help but find yourself liking their pictures on Instagram and sometimes even commenting on them. They are not celebrities, just your normal everyday girl. But you want to know why you keep going back to that girl’s IG page, it’s because of her pictures, you can tell she makes an effort to take the kind of pictures that are worth admiring. Those are the girls Divabelle is looking for. Are you that girl? If you are then you should sign up .